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Attention Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, Visionaries and regular folks
wanting to live a JOY INSPIRED life:

Announcing a 14 day morning * WEBINAR * series
starting Monday June 4, 2012 with Miriam Evers to
* reclaim your joy, * unleash your power, and * create your dreams:

Jumpstart the Life of Your Dreams!

Struggle is sooooo overrated. Most of us have been taught that to get what we want we have to work hard with our eyes on the goal and our noses to the grindstone.

Friends, there is another way.

Imagine you…

  • fully alive and engaged, creating your life as a grand adventure
  • flowing from one delicious moment to the next
  • in vibrant health in your ideal body
  • in love and harmony with the partner of your dreams
  • making money doing work you love
  • enjoying free time and money to travel, to spend with your loved ones, to lower your golf score, to thrill in the wonders of this world, to really enjoy your life
  • delighting in how people, events and circumstances show up at just the right moment to carry you to your dreams
  • feeling completely loved and at peace

… living the glorious life of your dreams

In this webinar series you will discover the power you have to create everything that happens to you.

Whether you want more loving relationships, the house on the beach, vibrant health, a thriving business or the partner of your dreams, the reason you want “it” is because you think when you have “it” you will feel better. Of course you would feel different if conditions were better.

Here’s the kicker… but it’s not conventional wisdom.

radio-tower-blackIf you want conditions to change, you have to feel good to attract good.
Feel great to attract great. Here’s why…

You Get Back What You Are Putting Out

Perhaps you’ve heard of the universal law of attraction: “like attracts like.” If you have your radio tuner set to the country music station, you will not be receiving classical music. They are not on the same channel.

radio-joy-ornerySimilarly, in life, if you have your tuner set to the “ornery” channel, you are not picking up good vibrations … you are stuck in traffic, your face is breaking out, and you spill your coffee in your lap. You know this. You get back what you are putting out.

Indeed, your feelings are the very key to success with the law of attraction: you will attract the people, circumstances and events that are a vibrational match to the way you’ve been feeling.

The Challenge

Even if you’ve heard these words before, the challenge many of us face is that we don’t know how to feel great when we are looking at something that feels awful. We haven’t figured out how to consistently feel good – day in and day out.

The Solution

Here’s a dynamic webinar series that will show you how you can lift your mood - daily and consistently, no matter what – and create what you want:

Jumpstart the Life of Your Dreams

This is a coaching program to help you tune in daily and consistently to your own wellspring of inspiration and creativity.

Every day, Monday through Friday, for two weeks you will learn more about the source of your power and receive a new tool/process to practice deliberately creating what you want.  You will learn how the law of attraction really works and about the astonishing power of your feelings. On Saturdays there is time for review, sharing and Q and A.

Acquiring information and tools about how to transform your life is easy. The trick is to ACT on the information. In this 14 day adventure, you will receive the tools and support to practice living from your joy power… from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world.  This course will help you to build new habits that will fuel and energize you for life!

Busy schedule? No Problem!
All 12 live sessions are recorded.

Benefits: You will discover…

    • More Power. When you get back into the energy that inspires you, you are naturally more attractive to clients and partners. Your energy and ideas will be more compelling, more clear and more abundant.
    • More Ease: Your endeavors will flow with more grace, because you are not pushing against resistance, but following your joy. People and situations will seem to align with your energy willingly. Flowing from your heart trumps a static strategy from your head every time.
    • More Joy: You will be inspired to new solutions to old challenges. Discover the fun of a playful attitude and liven up old relationships.

But that’s not all.

You will also:

  • Discover the 3 step formula to manifesting your heart’s desires
  • Understand what your Inner Guidance is telling you
  • Notice where your freedom is blocked and reclaim it
  • Discover the hidden meanings behind things that bug you and release them
  • Practice calming your mind, soothing your hurt feelings and rising in joy
  • Shift your energy from negative to positive within seconds
  • Engage your relationships to reflect who you want to be
  • Skyrocket your energy

Would you like to discover how living your life from joy can bring into being everything you desire?

Now you can! In just a few minutes a day everyday for 14 days. Don’t wait!

Dates and Times:

Kathleen's Chalkboard

How long is it:
12 live webinar sessions of 30 minutes each over 2 weeks.

Private Members Area will be up on Saturday, June 2, 2012
12 live webinars starting Monday June 4, 2012 to Saturday June 16, 2012
- Monday to Friday morning from 7:00-7:30am PDT.
- Saturday morning from 9:00-9:30am PDT.
All webinars are recorded so you can watch them later online at times convenient to you.

Where:  Wherever you are in the world. With an internet connection you can watch the webinars online. You also have the option of listening in using your phone.

What you get when you sign up:

  • Over Six Hours of High-Impact Coaching that shows you step by step, with specific tools, exactly how to deliberately create what you want. That’s twelve 30-minute webinar sessions (with powerpoint presentations) over two weeks.
  • MP3 Files of Every Webinar, so you can review or catch up easily by listening to the recording on your MP3 player, computer, or even CD player. The link will be available after the class.
  • Daily Challenges, templates, and class notes loaded with useful resources that will inspire you and propel you ahead
  • Community Through Your Own Online Support Group. You’ll be instantly connected with your fellow participants throughout each step of this process.
  • Accountability. Stay on track, focused on what you want and aligned with your power through the process of completing the daily challenges. (Value – Priceless)

Woo-hoo! Man… that’s A LOT!

Finally… the daily support, accountability and inspiration to turbocharge your effectiveness in allowing the results you dream of.

* reclaim your joy, * unleash your power, and * create your dreams:

Jumpstart the Life of Your Dreams

Introductory Webinar Price: $197 USD

Are you ready to unleash your power to attract whatever you want with ease and joy?

Get your “but” out of the way and join me.

Just Click on the Box Below to Sign-Up Now

using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account

*** If you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer ***
Send us an email via the contact form in the right sidebar.

To Your Most Joyous Life,
Miriam Evers

P.S. I sincerely wish for you to have a loving, joy-filled life, where your dreams come true. I want it to be easy for you to sign-up, so I offer a money back guarantee. Within 3 days of being in the course (ie. by June 4  for a June 2 start), if you aren’t thrilled with the deal you got today… then contact me and I’ll return every penny of your purchase. There is no financial risk for you to try it. I’ll give you my best and encourage you to give your life your best as well! :)